7 thoughts on “Discuss with disqus

    1. Hey, Hooman. I think it’s an interesting service. But for the average blogger (me) with the same 5 or 6 people that follow their blog, the realized gain from Disqus is minimal. The value of Disqus for a blogger is to bring more people into conversations started from their blog. Sure, if you blog about an original topic that is controversial, you might find utility in Disqus. Otherwise, the commenting system that comes with any blog software will suit you just fine. This single-sign-on discussion system is a turn off for many people. One of the most powerful motivators of internet discussions is the anonymity of the user. You mean I can say what I want and don’t have to be held accountable? In that case, I’ll be honest!

      As a discussion participant, it’s nice to be able to track your comments across all the sites you visit. But for me, most of those sites are not using Disqus so I personally haven’t realized that benefit.

  1. Disqus is a great tool for those who want a robust commenting tool but aren’t using Content Management Systems with good internal tools built in (so folks who have flat HTML sites, homegrown CMS products, etc.).

  2. Disqus now brings us the ability to comment using your Twitter account. You don’t have to give up your actual Twitter credentials since Disqus takes advantage of Twitter’s support..

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