Running IntelliJ 9 Public Preview Community Edition on Mac OSX

JetBrains just announced they are open sourcing IntelliJ in a community edition with a subset of features from their commercial product.

Having used Eclipse almost exclusively in my Java work, I was interested in trying it out and went to download the .dmg file. I unpacked everything and tried to run the poorly named

Nothing came up. Lame.

I dug into the package and executed which prompted me that I need to set the environment variable IDEA_SDK or JDK_HOME.

Ah ha!

In my .bash_profile, I set

export JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/CurrentJDK/Home

And ran again and IntelliJ came up.

Picture 1

Running still doesn’t run the app but at least now I can play around with IntelliJ.

Running IntelliJ 9 Public Preview Community Edition on Mac OSX

Linode API for Java

I’ve been really happy with my recent move over to  I was checking out their API and noticed there wasn’t any Java client.  I wanted a do a small pet project so I took a couple hours this weekend and wrote a Java client for the API.

The API leverages Apache HTTP Client and Java libraries and is built using Maven.

The project source code can be found here.

If anyone runs into any problems with using it, please feel free to ping me!

Update: Linode was nice enough to update their API page with a reference to my project.

Linode API for Java