Oh yeah! I got married!

It’s been awhile since I updated this and big things have happened since.

Cutting to the chase: On June 20th, 2009 I married the lady of my dreams, Patcharee Phongsvirajati.

The wedding ceremonies took place at our houses and the reception was held at Foxchase Manor.

Check out some photos taken by a few of the many photographers:

Photography by Mac Pham, my cousin:

Photography by the Pros:

Photography by Cau Duc, my uncle:

Oh yeah! I got married!

Picasa vs Flickr

Pat got me a new camera for my birthday this past October so I have been trying to take more pictures lately. One of my new years resolutions is to take more pictures! As a result, I’ve been trying out Yahoo’s Flickr and Google’s Picasa over the past couple of weeks. With Picasa recently added support on the Mac and Apple announcing iPhoto out-of-the-box Flickr integration, the feature sets from the desktop are pretty much identical. Both support (or will support) face recognition, tagging, and exporting.

For the web galleries, I really liked Picasa’s layout over Flickr’s. The web site is a lot more simplistic and easy to navigate. Maybe it’s becase I’m so familiar with other Google services. Flickr’s slideshow is so awesome though. Viewing your photostream through Cooliris is such beautiful eye candy.


I started with the free accounts. Google gives you a gig of space for the free account and you can create as many albums as you want. Flickr’s free account gives you 100 mb of upload per month and limits you to three sets.

For me, it really came down to pricing. In order to get more disk space for Picasa, you have to purchase more storage. Starting purchase goes for $20/yr for 10gigs up to $500/yr for 400GB. This storage is actually not specific to Picasa but is shared by all other Google services that need to use extra space. Flickr offers a Pro account, which gives you unlimited storage space for your videos and photos and allows you to create any number of sets and collections, for $24.95.

Given the number of photos I want to upload and my budget, I went with Flickr. Today, storage is so cheap. For $25 bucks, I should be able to get unlimited storage for a service like photo sharing. I’ve started to upload some photos I’ve had for awhile and never really shared them with those who would most enjoy them. It’s been really fun going through old pictures. My photostream can be found here.

Picasa vs Flickr

Introducing theoandpat.com

Over the course of the past months in her free time between work and planning a wedding, Pat’s been hard at work at creating a web site for our wedding. We felt we had enough to show it off to the rest o the world so I finally got around to deploying it. I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I think she did a pretty awesome job. I contributed in a small way by setting up the web server, create the RSVP site, and installing the guestbook. The whole concept and design is Pat’s creation. She did all of the page layout and flash work. I’m so proud of her. She’s turning into a web geek and she doesn’t even know it.


I’m sure there are some kinks to iron out but please check out theoandpat.com and let us know what you think. Oh, yeah also, RSVP for the wedding. If you’re reading my blog, chances are I know you and you’re invited. 🙂


Introducing theoandpat.com

First post!

Hey, everyone. If you’re reading this, you probably was told to check this out by me. Alas, there is not much to see yet.

If you don’t already know, my name is Theo. I’m a twenty-something year old software engineer. I would describe myself as someone who has yet to define himself. I’m not one thing or another. I would say I’m different from those are different. In some ways, I chose to be different, in others, I had no choice. More about this at some other time. In the mean time, welcome to my blog and I hope the readers can use this blog to gain some insight into who I am and maybe even inspire some other thoughts or ideas.

I’m a big believer in whole chain-reaction of thoughts. If I can say or write something that influences someone else’s thoughts which inspires a new idea, I think that is one of the best things in the world.

I previously tried to do the whole routine blogging thing but life gets in the way. Here’s my third try at this with a brand, new twist! Not only will I blog about things in my life but my personal goals and thoughts on interesting subjects (at least to me anyway) .

Some topics I have in mind:

  • Jobs
  • Finances
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Programming
  • Life

Not that I’m an expert in any of these topics, but I think I can at least share my experiences and thoughts about them. If anyone has any suggestions as to what they want me to ramble about, please let me know.

Till next time…sooner than later I hope.

First post!