Terracotta acquires Ehcache

Pretty big news in the Java world today.

Open-source with a business model company, Terracotta, acquired Ehcache, the very popular caching library.

The creator and maintainer of Ehcache, Greg Luck, had these things to say about the acquisition:

What this means for Ehcache Users

  • Ehcache remains under the Apache 2 license
  • New feature development is accelerated with the addition of a team of engineers working full-time on Ehcache
  • I am full-time on Ehcache. I have not had the time I would have liked to devote to Ehcache (I have been doing a miserly 10-15 hours per week for the past 6 years) but now I do. Look out!
  • Ehcache extends its standards support. There are multiple emerging standards in this area and I plan to work with the community to lead further standardisation efforts. A lack of time has been my biggest obstacle in doing more on this to date.
  • Ehcache gets new hosting at ehcache.org with state-of-the-art forums, source control and bug reporting. The changes will happen slowly and carefully.
  • File release at sourceforge.net is retained
  • Maven deployment to oss.sonatype.org and Maven Central is retained.
  • Distributed caching via Terracotta is seamless. Ehcache users can have full confidence that they can start single node and scale as high as they need to with Enterprise features.
  • Enterprise support, training and professional services for Ehcache. I have provided these for a few years now, but now we will have the full Terracotta organisation behind them with the usual SLAs.

What this means for Terracotta Users

  • Ehcache APIs will replace Terracotta distributed cache APIs as a single caching interface / standard for Terracotta distributed caching
  • a single-node version of Terracotta ala Ehcache will be available for the first time
  • Full freedom to run on the latest version of Ehcache at all times, knowing it will work with Terracotta
  • Single vendor support structure for caching interfaces / libraries as well as their scalability / reliability runtime.
  • the investment protection of standards

It’s pretty cool to see open source companies like SpringSource (recently acquired by VMWare) and Terracotta making big moves. I look forward to seeing what’s next for these guys.

Terracotta acquires Ehcache

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