Ubuntu upgrade broke WordPress

Something with my past two Ubuntu upgrades broke all the internal links on my blog running on WordPress.

It turns out the upgrade process changed the name of the target link on the .htaccess symbolic link file under my WordPress install directory.

After the install this is what was linked:

.htaccess -> /etc/wordpress/htaccess

Notice the missing “.” in .htaccess.

To fix it, I had to update the link to with

 >> ln -sf /etc/wordpress/.htaccess .htaccess

All the links work again!

Ubuntu upgrade broke WordPress

2 thoughts on “Ubuntu upgrade broke WordPress

  1. Kinda weird. Did the htaccess file show up in the list of prompted file overwrites? Seems a little unfriendly to bust your htaccess like that. Did the OS upgrade also upgrade wordpress or was it just being obnoxious?

  2. The upgrade tried to update some references to wordpress but not a full wordpress upgrade. It did the same to the apache conf. I chose to not modify my existing files when prompted and it ended up breaking the symbolic link to the .htaccess file. Very strange.

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