WordPress Timezone Plugin – Handling Daylight Savings Time

I’ve been dealing with Daylight Savings Time issues at work. It’s a pain. I found out Hawaii and Puerto Rico don’t observe DST the hard way. It came to a surprise to me that WordPress that does not support Daylight Savings Time handling at all. I posted my last post and realized the time stamp was off by an hour. WordPressers have to manually update their blog settings to account for the hour(s) offsets from GMT whenever DST comes and goes. Luckily, there is a plugin that automates this process for us. Check it out here.

WordPress Timezone Plugin – Handling Daylight Savings Time

3 thoughts on “WordPress Timezone Plugin – Handling Daylight Savings Time

  1. Most developers are either notoriously lazy or horribly unskilled with respect to dealing with Timezones and Daylight Savings Time.

    A lot of developers leave time and date handling up to the operating system (in which case, if the sysadmin doesn’t set the machine to flip over correctly, you could be hosed). That seems a fair, but lazy, approach.

  2. Yup Dude, No Daylight Savings in Hawaii… NO excuse to be an hour late (or early) to work. It’s soo much less confusing, except if your doing business with people in the continental US, then of course their business hours change by 1. Oh well, cant win them all!

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