Fun with widgets

I came across a Clearspring back a months ago when they were TechCrunch’d and more recently, I came across, made by a fellow slichoster.

I wanted to try out both and I thought it would be interesting to combine the powers of both services.

I created my widgetized blog feed from, created a widget cname, updated my apache2 config, created a new directory, and pasted in the generated wigetized html into a new file. Oh, and I bounced apache2.

And TA-DA! A widgetized feed!

Next step was to create a new Clearspring Widget from this. Clearspring has done a good job of making this ridiculously easy. You have a couple of options of how to create widget (flash, HTML, js, image). I went with HTML since I had HTML was just to provide the URL to the HTML and a name for the widget.

Once I had the widget added to the Clearspring platform, all I really had to do was publish it and now I have a Clearspring tracked widget.

Next, I’ll be interested in see how I can leverage the platform in different ways to make this widget “viral” and what sort of analytics come with Clearspring to help me track its viralocity (did I make that word up?).

Fun with widgets

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