Business of Software

It’s been a very relaxing weekend. I spent most of my time plopped on the couch reading Eric Sink on the Business of the Software. The book is really just a collection of blog posts on Eric Sink’s blog but I enjoy holding a book rather than a laptop when reading for long periods of time. After reading countless technical books/blogs, it was extremely refreshing to read something like Sink’s book.

The book is split into four parts: entrepreneurship, people, marketing, and sales. The section that covers entrepreneurship reminds me of Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of the Start. The section on people covers the kind of people you want to work with and hire, which reminds me of Joel Spolsky’s recently released Smart and Gets Things Done. The section on marketing is what really made me enjoy this book. After reading Eric’s book, I have a newfound appreciation and a deeper understanding of the dark science known as marketing. He breaks it down and explains it from a developer’s perspective. The sales section is not surprising about how to get a potential customer to give you money for your software.

The book has a lot of insight into becoming ISV (Indepedent Software Vendor), more specifically a microISV. I think all software developers have pondered the what-ifs and wouldn’t-it-be-cool of starting their own software company. Very few make the jump. I would like to change that statistic.

Business of Software

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