apache2/mod_proxy_balancer woes (part 2)

Well, I got to like the second step before I hit another roadblock. Looks like kodefoo’s repository only supports binary-i386 releases. Too bad my slice is on an AMD64 machine which means I need the amd64 release. I guess if I want to cluster mongrel with apache, I’ll have to compile from source. Sigh…

Prior to hitting this road block, I ran apt-get remove apache2 and it didn’t remove apache2 from my slice even though it said it did. So that’s a little confusing. I continued with the kodefoo tutorial regardless until I came across the problem noted above. I’ll eventually have to figure out how to do a clean remove of apache2.

At this point, I think I am just going to try to get a single mongrel served up through apache2. Hopefully, this will be easier…

apache2/mod_proxy_balancer woes (part 2)

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